Release DbSchema 8.4.5

DbSchema 8.4.5

Reverse Engineer using DDL

This feature allows reverse-engineering the schema by parsing the CREATE TABLE DDL statements.
This is available now for MySql, MariaDB, Oracle, Redshift, Snowflake, Sqlite, and Vertica.
Enable this option from the Database Selection Dialog, shown before the Connection Dialog.

Reverse Engineer Using DDL

The same option can be enabled from ‘Model /Settings / Reverse Engineer’.

Pan and Zoom HTML5 Database Documentation

Zoom the HTML5 diagram vector image using CTRL + mouse wheel and pan (scroll ) by dragging the image using the right mouse button.

Zoom and pan HTML5 database documentation

Detect Virtual Foreign Keys

When the database does not contain foreign keys, DbSchema can create virtual foreign keys. The virtual foreign keys will be saved in the model file, without creating them in the database.

In the Layout menu, you can find a dialog that will automatically detect virtual foreign keys.
There are two methods to detect them:

  • By matching columns by names
  • By parsing the SQL statements from the database history cache for SELECT statements with JOINS. The joined columns are used for creating virtual foreign keys.

Detect Virtual Foreign Keys

Matching columns by name is usually searching first for the primary keys, and trying to find other columns and data types in other tables,
with the same name.

Databases like Snowflake have no Primary Keys. In this case, you can disable the ‘Referred Column is Primary Key’ checkbox.

Save Results as JSON

In the SQL Editor Result Pane, there is an option to save the result as JSON.

Save Result as JSON

Other Improvements

  • Feature: HTML5 generates documentation using Groovy has one more method in Layout.
  • Feature: Improve PDF documentation
  • Feature: Introduce wizard in Reports sub-tables
  • Feature: The format used in browse and SQL results for numbers is configurable from Model / Settings / DbSchema General
  • Feature: Upgrade to JavaFX 17
  • Feature: Upgrade MongoDB JDBC Driver libraries
  • Bug: Disable column reordering for Sqlite, which creates issues in metatable.
  • Bug: Fix issue when refreshing the model and foreign key should be dropped in the database.
  • Bug: SQL text indentation issue

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