Release DbSchema 8.4.3

Introduce Logical Design

DbSchema can do logical design.

Chooose Logical Design in Welcome Pane

You can create entities with attributes and relations, which will map to tables, columns, and foreign keys in the physical model.

The relations can have a logical type.

Relation Type

Inside the layout, you can create different shapes and arrows.

Shapes and Arrwos

From the menu, you can generate the physical model from the logical model.

Generate Physical Model

Use different converters to map the data types from logical to physical names,
convert the table or column names and the column default values.

Logical Model Converters

The logical design feature is released as a beta feature. We are happy to get feedback from you.

MySql Reverse Engineer the Schema Using SHOW CREATE TABLE

This feature has to be enabled from the Model / Settings / Reverse Engineer dialog.

MySql Reverse Engineer using SHOW CREATE TABLE

During reverse engineer, this will deduce the table structure by parsing the output of the SHOW CREATE TABLE command.
This feature is more precise and will load more table parameters compared to the traditional reverse engineer from the database metatables.
For now, this feature has to be enabled manually. Later we will make it the default setting.

Other Features

  • Postgres comment on sequences
  • Improve SQL auto-completion
  • MongoDB reverse engineer relations using DBRef
  • Add prepend/append scripts to the schema
  • Improvements in data generator and groovy patterns

Bug Fixes

  • Hive drop column issue
  • Include all tables by foreign key issue
  • Crash saving project file when closing DbSchema with ALT-F4
  • Improve Views and User Data Type support
  • Enable the save project on table color or options change
  • Snowflake autoincrement
  • Editor tabs cannot be closed or selected

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