Release DbSchema 8.4.1

DbSchema 8.4.1

Implement Mongodb Validation Rules.

Validation rules are used to ensure a collection has a given structure.
All inserts and updates into a collection should match the validation rule.

Validation rules

When creating a new collection or field, DbSchema will also implement the validation rule.
Reverse engineering the schema will deduce the schema from the validation rule, if a validation rule is available.

MongoDB Diagram

Please write us about MongoDB features.

Add SqlServer Fulltext Index.

SqlServer Full Text Index

Include role in Snowflake connection

Sometimes, connecting to Snowflake you will see no tables in DbSchema.
In this case you may need to set a role in the connection.

Swnoflake Role

Other Features

  • Feature: Use System Proxies by default
  • Feature: Include role in Snowflake connection
  • Feature: Improve dark theme
  • Bug: SqlServer comments in multiple databases
  • Bug: SqlServer identity synchronization issue

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