How to Connect to MongoDB Atlas and Design Using Diagrams

In this article you will learn how to connect to MongoDB Atlas and design the database visually, using diagrams.

You may create a Free MongoDB Atlas database by logging in logging in the Cloud Console.
There you can create your own cloud database.

You have to parse the steps below to get the cluster created.

How to Create a MongoDb Atlas Cloud Database
How to Create a MongoDb Atlas Cloud Database

Create the cluster.

This can be a shared cluster, for free.

Create the database user

You will use this user to connect to the database.
Here I have created a user ‘dprutean’.

Create user in MongoDb Atlas

Enable Network Access.

The database it is not accessible from outside unless you enable network access. You can simply add the
‘Currently connected IP’ to the allowed hosts.

How to configure MongoDb Atlas Network

In the console dashboard we can see now our created cluster.

MongoDb Atlas Console Dashboard

Load Sample Data

Sample data can be loaded by clicking the collection link in the dashboard. There you can choose to load the sample data.

Get the Connection URL

Choose ‘Java’ as preferred programming language and click ‘Connect cluster’ to and copy the connection URL.

How to get the MongoDb Atlas Java URL

Download and install DbSchema

DbSchema is a free database designer available at

Choose to start a new project connected to the database. The Connection Dialog will show up.
Choose ‘Manual URL configuration’ and paste the JDBC URL here.

DbSchema Connection Dialog to MongoDb Atlas

MongoDB Diagrams

You will be asked to select the databases to work with. Select all databases, and in the next step the layouts (diagrams)
will be visible.

Database Diagrams for MongoDb Atlas

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