10+ Essential PostgreSQL Commands

The table below contains the essential commands for PostgreSQL. These commands will help you easily manage your PostgreSQL databases.

Function Command Syntax Comments
Connect to a database under a specific user psql -d database -U user -W Replace database and user
Connect to a database on another hots psql -h host -d database -U user -W Replace the host, database and user
Switch connection \c dbname username Replace with the name of the database & the username. If the username is left empty, it will automatically connect with current user
List available databases \l
List available schemas \dn
List available tables \dt To list tables from all schemas, add *.*. To list from a specific schema, add schema_name.*(ex. \dt information_schema.*
Describe a table \d table_name
List available views \dv
List indexes \di
List data types \dT+
List users \du This command will also list the roles of the users
Access command history \s To save the command history to a file, specify the filename after the command
Get help on commands \? This will show a list with all the commands available in PostgreSQL.
Get help on a specific statement \h statement This will show you details about a specific PostgreSQL statement. (ex. \h CREATE TABLE)
Quit \q

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