SQL Server - How to return Date Only from GETDATE

The basic query that returns the date and time for SQL Server is

SELECT getdate();

This query will return the current date & time of your local machine. In my case, the result is:

13.04.2020 18:54:05

1.The simplest way to return Date Only

Just execute the next query:

SELECT CONVERT(date, getdate())

In my case, the result is:


2.The CONVERT method

This time, we are going to convert our results to VARCHAR, set a character limit and a display style with the next query:

SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), getdate(), 101);

The result:


Let’s break it down to understand it better:

  • VARCHAR - this is the results’ data type;
  • (10) - this is the maximum number of characters;
  • getdate() - this is the expression used to return the date;
  • 101 - this is the style of the result (see the table below for more styles).

There are other styles that you can use for your results:

Style Result
101 mm/dd/yyyy
102 yyyy.mm.dd
103 dd/mm/yyyy
104 dd.mm.yyyy
105 dd-mm-yyyy
106 dd mon yyyy
107 Mon dd, yyyy
109 Mon dd yyyy
110 mm-dd-yyyy
111 yyyy/mm/dd

The 108 is missing because it will return the time.

This is all. Choose the right format for you and you’re ready to go.

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